Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daisy Sour Cream

Here is the tip of the day: Daisy Sour Cream is only made with one ingredient, grade A cultured cream. Can you imagine in this day, a pure and simple product? I use it everyday, it is sweet, creamy and delicious. I try to buy products with five ingredients or less. That is very difficult. So now I'm on my qwest for more items like this one, wish they would list these at the grocery stores. Maybe someday they will! Live simple!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple Dessert

As summer is upon us now, it brings so many different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. A good and nutritious dessert is a valued part of any meal. One of my favorites is: Caribbean papaya, cut into chunks, with a scoop of vanilla yogurt, and fresh raspberries places in a lovely crystal serving dish, and maybe topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Nutritious, elegant and so delicious! A great way to end a summer meal in the sun! Happy first day of summer! Keep it simple always!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Learn

In this life we have the capacity to learn something new everyday. Reading, writing, working, playing or any activity all have the ability to teach us something about the world around us. Learning has to be lifelong if we will continue to move forward in all aspects of our life. Each one of us has a special gift or talent to teach another person. Sometimes we do not know what it is or when it will show up, but it will be brought forward. So as you think about what you are learning today, pay attention and you will find it. Live to Learn everyday.... it will make your life more fulfilled.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Over 55 Shoppers

Okay, lets get started... over 55 is an honor and a great privilege to be shopping at many stores that offer a 10% discount or more to their senior customers. Does not matter if the product is offered at full price or on sale. The discount still stands. On tuesdays, Ross department store continues to lead in discount shopping for everyone. They offer competitive prices and merchandise from leading manufacturers. Sometimes checking out can get to be some of a wait. They have a limited amount of clerks and they are a very busy store. But usually the wait is worth it, the 10% discount adds up quickly, and no card is required. So to all of you over 55, happy shopping! Remember simple living is best....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Growing Vegetables in Life

Since this is the growing season, we should rejoice with a vegetable or some fruit from our garden, no matter how large of small that garden may be. Home grown equals good and healthy plain and simple. And the flavor usually is better than any store bought! If you like Zucchini, try planting it now... the yield is usually many pounds of fresh and high in B vitamins produce... Good for our bodies and our souls... Zucchini bread is good anytime of the year. My aunt Helene makes a good and healthy Z. bread, put some butter or sour cream on top and it is delicious. I'm sure she would send the recipe! Simple living always! Happy gardening to all!

Life is the Journey

I always live by one main thought: Life is the journey along the way... not after we get to a certain age or place in our lives. Our family, our homes, our spiritual journey all make us the person we hope and want to be in this world. Being kind to another person, family, friend or stranger makes us who we are. So many people choose to look the other way instead of " doing the right thing", but if we all did that, the world would not be a very good place. Next time you look away, do something, make that call, help that friend or neighbor, even just a small bit of help and change the life of one person or of many. A kind gesture is most often never forgotten........... To live the simple life is to be cherished.