Thursday, January 15, 2015

Story of a Father and Daughter....Life

These past few months have been rewarding, frustrating and filled with moments of love and friendship. I have been helping care for my elderly father. He has  Dementia. I can understand better how a persons mind can control so much of our physical health also. Many days were filled with wit, humor, love, kindness and other days he couldn't remember  how to use the restroom or even eat on occasion. He knew that he was confused, but just couldn't understand how his mind was failing him on a daily basis. I'm now referring to this as the Demons of Dementia. To have a family member or close friend with this devastating disorder is to know  that no matter what you do to help one can not change the outcome. He fell recently and broke his hip. Now he is trying to heal in a skilled care facility. Probably won't be able to ever be at home again. My time caring for him with my mother has been challenging, but so rewarding now as I'm looking back at those special days. He always was there for us, now we will see this through til his final day. I sure wish I could fix this disorder called Dementia...maybe someday there will be a cure. I can only hope. Thanks Dad for this journey of life you have given us. You are the best, and when the cure comes to the medical community I'll be thinking of you and best, Sandra