Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hanalei Bay, Hawaii

This is one of my favorite places in the world... natural beauty at its finest. Clean fresh air and fabulous sunsets, who could ask for more!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Harstine Island Bridge

A view of the Harstine Island Bridge, Washington state. So many years ago this access bridge was constructed...replacing a quaint and small ferry system, linking the island to the mainland. Changing the island forever...

27th street Consignment Boutique

This is a delightful consignment boutique in University Place, Wa. She has quality clothing, antiques, great designer purses and more. One entire room is devoted to custom wreath making, you chose the supplies, colors, etc. and they put it together into a fabulous, designed wreath for the holidays.... simple yet so lovely! Check it out this season... (253) 355-1804

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Lights continued

Just love these holiday lights.... the best of the days of winter...

Winter Scene for the holidays...

Point Defiance Park and Gardens

Every year the city of Tacoma puts on a wonderful light display @ the Point Defiance Zoo. If you are in the area, they are worth a visit... something special over the holidays...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rosehill Community Center

Save the best for last... Our dear ol' Rosie... she stood the test of time. She educated the students and lived on as a community stronghold for so many years. The Farewell to Rosehill Community Center Video is on www.ci.mukilteo.wa.us Some familiar faces in the crowd... Duffy and Ms. Tude.. she is a Mukilteo star! May you rest in peace and solitude "Rosie" you are one in a million!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mukilteo Beach Park

Our all time favorite beach part @ Mukilteo by the sea... fish, boat, fly kites, picnic and watch the sun go down and create a fabulous sunset for all to admire.

Rosehill, Mukilteo

Lincoln Avenue in Mukilteo, Washington features this great hand carved totem pole. It stands in front of the Rosehill Community Center. Truly grand, don't think they are tearing this down also, just like the building. Hope they will keep this nice piece of community art.

Mukilteo Ferry...4

In the city of Mukilteo they have a ferry terminal. It runs the ferry system between Mukilteo and Clinton on Whidbey Island. It is a short crossing and very efficient. The parking is there every half hour, gives the local businesses a chance to sell some food and coffee. They run 365 days a year. Schedule is online now...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arnies and downtown... Mukilteo

A favorite eatery in the heart of the city we know as Mukilteo... great view of the area from this good seafood restaurant. Good times...

2nd- Mukilteo, Washington

Another great photo of Mukilteo... we all love this park... the sun , wind, great beach and natural beauty. Fond memories...

Mukilteo " City by the Sea"

" Mukilteo" is an old fashioned American Indian name, meaning "good camping ground." A great place to live, work and play. The lifestyle is peaceful, rewarding and ever so quaint. I miss all of this. Somedays I wish things would not have changed! But they did... forever. One of my all time favorite places to be... someday again...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hanauma Bay Park, Hawaii

This is one of my very favorite beaches to visit. I have spent countless hours watching to sealife in this interesting park. Go for a day and have memories for a lifetime! On the island of Oahu, about a one hour drive from Honolulu. A must see trip on your visit to the islands... simply paradise!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Critique of Consumer-Driven Culture

This guest post was contributed by my daughter Kristina Gundersen.

"This is just what I wanted!" the three year old me delightfully shrieked in an old home video of Christmas past. I had just unwrapped a small gift from Santa: my very own purse. "To put all your things in, Kristina." Part of me wonders if that's how my whole handbag fetish began... I was socialized to believe that I needed that purse to carry stuff in. Just like we are all socialized to believe that we deserve and need expensive gifts for Christmas to be happy and celebrate the season properly like the rest of America. After all, materialism is the Western way.

We are definitely a consumerist culture, one that often places the importance of inanimate objects over people. When asked about the meaning of Christmas, most young children still reply with a gift-oriented response: "I got an Xbox for Christmas!" Or, "Santa brings me lots of toys!" Most fail to recognize the special time spent with family, friends, or even food - it's all about the presents. Their happiness depends on toys. Sadly, many of us grow up to hold these same consumer-driven expectations. A happy and successful American Christmas is typically defined by the quantity of gifts given and received, and sometimes the dollar value of those objects. Nobody likes a stingy gift giver.

But shouldn't there be more emphasis on the thought behind those gifts? Should it really matter what we give or receive as long as there was some conscientious thought put into each person's present? I am one of the few among my circle of friends who is still impressed by a homemade, custom gift. To me, the time spent on the gift is worth a whole lot more than the money. Nearly anyone can go purchase a gift card on their credit card in a matter of 30 seconds or so. Not everyone has the thoughtfulness and creativity to carry out a custom gift idea.

Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas shopping just as much as the next person. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to give generously and receive in return. I just think the materialistic approach to the holidays has gotten a little out of hand in recent years. Each year we are spending more and more, even during a recession when we are earning less and less... And we continue to perpetuate this consumerist ideal for our children through the myth and tradition of Santa Clause. Sure, a Santaless Christmas would suck the magic right out of the holiday for some kids, but whatever happened to being honest with our children? If we preach to them that honesty is the best policy, shouldn't we practice it ourselves? There are still plenty of other fun holiday traditions aside from Santa and his toy-making elves, like decorating the Christmas tree together, preparing the holiday meal, baking cookies, and singing Christmas carols. If society would start putting more emphasis on quality time together and less on quality objects, most people would probably be a whole lot happier over the holidays. Not the fleeting sense of happiness that exists after opening a cool gift, but the soul-penetrating kind of happiness that is enough to last you until the next Christmas.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Amazing Avacado...

The Amazing Avacado is one of my favorite foods on the planet! Not only is it packed full of nutrients for our tummys, but it works well on the skin too! The natural occurring oils can give our skin just the balance it needs on these cold, dry days of winter. Try mixing it with a little olive oil in a small bowl, making it into a paste, using it directly on the skin, rinse with cool water. And you have very soft skin! I actually think that I should eat Avacados everyday for better health. In my family we mix one avacado with one cucumber, about one half teaspoon of garlic rice vinegar and eat it as a salad. It goes nicely with any meat or cheese dish. It is also loaded with fiber... about 12 grams for one medium sized avacado. Just make sure that they are medium firm and not bruised when you purchase them. A delicious and very healthy food, simple and good!

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Have you ever been lonely"

Kari Scott sings: Harvey Thomas plays guitar on 'Have you ever been Lonely" as featured in a new movie "Quiet Shoes" very interesting part of music history:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

Many years ago my daughter, my Grandmother Emma and myself celebrated Thanksgiving day in the peaceful, quiet, little city by the sea. It is called Mukilteo... it is very quaint on any given day, but even more so around the winter holidays. Our usual Turkey day started out very well. Watching the Macy's Day Parade, setting the table and getting the dinner ready. First, had to put the turkey breast in the oven, then potatoes peeled, both regular and yams, cooking some special cranberry sauce that Grandma loved. Thawing out a pie, probably Mrs. Smiths, as I'm not a great pie baker! also snacks till it was prepared and ready. I had thought of everything, making it as nice as I possibly could. The aroma of the holiday filled the air... we could hardly wait...and then... disaster struck! Something was coming from the oven, a very strange scent, I checked, it was almost done so I took it out quickly on Grandma's advice... something was wrong, very wrong. I turned over the turkey breast a discovered I had cooked this lovely turkey with the plastic gravy packed tucked neatly inside, it had broken open and I had a mess, not the wonderful dinner I had so carefully planned. Oh no, I began to cry. I had ruined what was to be a lovely holiday dinner. I placed the turkey on the back porch, and wondered what to do. Just then a very good friend in Mukilteo called to wish us a "Happy T-day" and I told her what had just happened. Well, in about ten minutes she arrived at our door with a tray of turkey and all the trimmings. She had saved our dinner! Grandma and my small daughter were so happy, for now their dinner was right and complete. Perfect with turkey and all. Till this day this woman still lives in Mukilteo, she is indeed a special person with the kindest heart we know! I'm sure she is cooking and sharing her wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year, just as she has always done. She deserves a medal! So this story is to salute her and all she does for everyone. She makes this world a better place for all that know her! Thank you our dear friend.... Nancy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Ten Koala Facts

Every year a good friend in Australia sends us the best info on the Koalas. From pictures, brochures, maps, zoo info and more. We save them and reread those articles just for fun. My daughter one year did a theme portfolio on them. We still have that also. We like to save everything! The Koala is a very interesting animal. Often misunderstood because it is rather shy. The top 10 Koala facts are as follows:

1.) They are not really bears, they are marsupials. They carry their young in a small pouch.
2.) They have 2 thumbs on their front paws.
3.) Mostly nocturnal animals. Sleeping during the day and feed at night.
4.) The babies are known as Joeys.
5.) When the babies are born, they are only 2cm long and have no fur.
6.) They ride in their mom's pouch and drink milk from her.
7.) They live in Eucalyptus trees and feed on them also.
8.) Adult Koala's eat about 1 kg of leaves per night.
9.) Protected by law, but their habitat is not.
10.) Only about 100,000 koalas remain in the wild in Australia. Most of their habitat has been destroyed.

To find out more about the Australian Koala you can check out www.savethekoala.com Truly an interesting animal to read, learn and study about. Thanks to Roslyn for always sending those great articles, much appreciated!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Word for Today

One of my favorite thoughts: Word for Today, " Reflect" at this time of the year I always think about many of the thoughts, hopes, dreams and wishes... A time to Reflect.... a time to cherish ones memories.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Gratitude

In the years past I can honestly say that I have always enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving, complete with all of the trimmings. Simple and plain. But always spectacular and so delicious. So many things to think about on this special celebration of a bountiful harvest. A turkey, candied yams, dressing, biscuits, cranberries, gravy, all topped off with a piece of pumpkin pie with a large dollop of freshly whipped cream. Ah, one of the best days of the year! Always held on the fourth thursday in the month of November. A day for a parade, football game and the start of the holiday season, but most importantly a day to think of peace, charity, being grateful for those in our families and friends. And the less fortunate....... A day to be humble, a day to share, making sure that everyone has enough to eat, and a warm place to sleep. It isn't always possible, but we can make a difference. To me I'm grateful each and everyday. Gratitude stays with us and is so very important all through our lives. A good quality, simple, but ever so good.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bacon Soda?

Okay, I get trying a new product, I'm not sure about this one! It is Jones Soda, "Bacon" flavored soda. Just sounds a little different, maybe the flavor is refreshing, maybe not. I haven't tasted it. Not sure if I will, but you have to give the staff at Jones a big smile for trying something new and bold. They are about good products and having some fun on the journey we call life. Every year around the holidays they come up with these new sodas. Another interesting bottle of charm, is Tofurkey. Guess we just have to pour them up and taste... another stunning life experience! When you taste them, please let me know! jonessoda.com

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cranberry Orange Raspberry Sauce

Seems like cranberries and raspberries are a perfect blend of sweet and sour. When you blend the two together you will have the best sauce ever. I like to cook this sauce on a medium heat for about 10 minutes in a saucepan. Combine one - one pound bag of cranberries, one cup of orange juice, half of an apple of your choice, about one cup of sugar, and two cups of raspberries. You can use a small amount of honey also, or try it with no sweetener if you like a very tart sauce. You can use this very tasty sauce on yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, or with any turkey day dinner, it is very delicious anytime. Keep it refrigerated and it will last a few days. Seems like it is a special little treat with any meal...not just for the holidays. Like I always say, keep it simple!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keep Kids Healthy

Keepkidshealthy.com is a website with great information for the entire family. I recently was reading an article on " The worst and best fast foods for kids" very interesting to see how many calories are actually consumed by our children when we stop by for a quick and tasty meal out of the car. I enjoy a good hamburger or chicken sandwich,we grew up on this food. We do not need all the salt and extra calories in our daily diet. With obesity on the rise, we all should read about and take a second look at the diets of our children. Maybe help stop some of the insanity with our food and take a more sensible approach to diet and health. A good read for saturday @ keepkidshealthy.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

69, are you kidding?

On the early news, I've been hearing something very disturbing. Reports today are saying the new age limit to collect social security benefits might be bumped up to age 69. Can't believe that! As a good a easy way to balance the budget. It is not good for us! We have been working and saving with the idea that 65 and 66 would be the magic numbers... not 69. Most of us will not be able to work till age 69 because of health issues. Balancing the budget on the backs of the elderly is never a good idea, especially now. This is unfair and disturbing news today. I hope that everyone will stand up for their rights at this time in history. Think about this news carefully.

Veteran's Day

Today we honor all those who so gallantly gave their time, energy and their lives for the pursuit of freedom and a better way of life...Thank you! You have helped make America strong!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deep Fried Snickers and Twinkies

I admit I like sweets as well as anyone, but these are over the top with a certain sweetness, that even I say is somewhat too much. Recipes for these both are about the same on every website. Some variations in toppings, etc... You can find the basic recipe @friedtwinkies.com it is also their book site. I actually enjoyed a deep fried Snickers Bar several months ago, topped with vanilla ice cream and a very rich chocolate sauce. Even too much sugar for me! But very, very tasty! Didn't finish the dessert, but I wanted to see what everyone was talking about. Quite trendy and not too bad on the price, and worth the amount of fun involved. Not sure the Twinkie Diet is for me, but it makes a good read and lots of great comments on a winter day... A little something to look forward to in life!

Twinkie Diet?

I saw this on the morning talk show of Good Morning America. The Twinkie Diet. Can't believe I actually sat and watched this! But I did... A college professor lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks eating twinkies and other assorted junk food. A little bit amazing, a bit silly and also a bit dangerous. Our health will greatly suffer eating this type of food. No nutrition! only fat and chemicals? To even try this is risky at best. He did say that his diet was not for everyone and it was only a test. A test for what? You can see more about this @ abcnews.com/gma To me, this was interesting, but also a heads up on society, this makes a statement of what we are willing to watch and listen to. I can change the channel, and do on many occasions, this morning I was just too sleepy to know any better! As I'm sure many others were also.... my social commentary of the week!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beauty related to Health

This is a great article from Dr. Oz. He is right on this time. " How is beauty related to health?" We all know this to be true, just have to read it again. You can find it at sharecare.com/question/beauty-related-health. Somedays we feel better and we also look better! Have a good and beautiful day!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

All Holiday Books for 2010

This is the time of year we are drawn to our comforting thoughts, the interesting and good food from years gone by. Our Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts and friends all contributed to the way we feel about our eating habits. Especially during the holidays of the winter season. There are some fun books to explore a few delicious recipes, I always look to see what contains "Chocolate" d,o you? The World of Cake is a global cake culture book, featuring honey cakes, flat cakes, fritters, chiffons, 150 different cakes to explore... Yummy! Cookies: Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy by Alice Medrich, organized by texture, a cookie for every craving! Cake Doctor, Gluten-Free classic cakes, cookies, bundts and brownies, easy to make desserts. Cookie Swap, 60 recipes, and planning information for the party. Top Secret Restaurant Recipes, culinary carbon copies. Happy reading and eating! Love to have books to check out all the goodies, these are good... and perhaps simple too!

Opal the Movie

After several years in the making " Opal the Movie" is up and appearing on the big screen. Director Dina Ciraulo and crew took their time to produce a quality film. A trailer appears on facebook and on You Tube. Highly interesting and full of mystery. Watch it when you can. I'm hoping that they will be able to show the film in Washington and Oregon. As Opal had strong ties to both. Much of her close family still resides there. We have always heard of Opal and her life...the books, music,plays and now a feature length movie. She is a legend... too bad she didn't get to see this for herself. She was a remarkable woman of the times. She would have loved the internet movement for her writing. Know she is smiling about her movie...more later from me on this.

Friday, November 5, 2010

America's Safest Cities

This list is produced by Forbes magazine. A very reputable company. Are any of your favorite cities on the list this year? I hope so! Every year we wonder if the city we live in will make the list for something... hopefully good or even better! 1. Plano, Texas. 2. Portland, Oregon. 3.Honolulu, Hawaii 4. San Jose, California 5. Omaha, Nebraska 6. New York, New York 7. Santa Ana, California 8. Anaheim, California 9. San Diego, California 10. Glendale, Arizona. These cities try hard to stay safe for their residents. It is a great goal for all cities. Thank You! you can read more on this subject @ Forbes.com A good site for all kinds of interesting topics.

Heart Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well, we all know that Chocolate Chip Cookies are quite possibly the best cookie ever. Dr. Oz seems to think that his are the best. They test and re-test the show's recipes. So I'm passing the information on to you. Check it out @ doctorOz.com/recipes other good ideas for the holidays with healthy food also. Tasty and healthy, can't beat that! Enjoy the day living simple.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Five Tips for Happiness

Five tips for Happiness: 1. Appreciating what we have. 2.Having a sense of purpose. 3.Spending time with family and friends. 4. Thinking positive, optimistic attitude. 5. Living for today, in the moment. All of our choices, actions and basic thoughts influence our happiness. Most importantly, let your family and friends know that you appreciate who they are and that you're glad they are a part of your life. Be happy, always think happy thoughts and give happiness back to others. It may take a little effort, but the payoff is well worth the effort, spreading happiness makes us feel good about ourselves always! Enjoy...

Hawaiian Papaya

Hawaiian Papaya is truly and amazing fruit... it packs so much delicious food value into a small space.... They are full of fiber, vitamin E and C, beta-carotene, potassium, vitamins A and B, even some calcium. It also ranks in the top 5 healthiest fruits, which include guava, watermelon, grapefruit, and kiwi. My favorite vareities are:kapoho solo, rainbow, sunrise, kamiya and laie gold. All of which are grown in Hawaii. I eat these cut in half, sprinkled with fresh lemon for a tasty treat full of great nutrition. My Aunt Peggy taught me this way to fix the papaya while visiting her in the Islands one year. She was a very good cook! and understood the Hawaiian way of preparing food. For more information check out, www. hawaiipapaya.com Enjoy that special taste of the islands!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Allergies, 12 worst cities

Okay, some interesting news for all of us who suffer from Fall allergies. The top 12 cities are: 1.) McAllen, Tx. 2.) Wichita, kansas 3.) Louisville, Ky. 4.) Oklahoma City, Ok. 5.) Jackson, Miss. 6.) Dayton, Ohio 7.) Augusta, Ga. 8.) Tulsa, Ok 9.) Knoxville, Tenn. 10.) Little Rock, Ark. 11.) Madison, Wis. 12.) San Antonio, Tx. Guess what? Seattle is 98th out of 100, and Portland, Oregon is 100! Good news for all of us in the Northwest! The major causes are: Ragweed, mold, and dust mites, chances are if you are allergic to the nasty spring pollens, you are also allergic in the Fall. A great website explaining all of this is WebMD.com/allergies. Those falling leaves are very beautiful, but also can make us sneeze! Enjoy the beauty of the Fall season, just have a tissue ready.... Live Simple....

Seventh Generation Dishwashing Powder

Over the years I have tried many new products. Sometimes good and not so good. My latest adventure in product testing produced a winner. It is " Seventh Generation Dishwashing Powder" One of the best scent free, eco friendly, great cleaning and all around good product. Not bad on the price either. The dishes are free from that awful strong oder and shine fabulously. You can see all of their products @ seventhgeneration.com Have a great and simple day...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gale's Goodies

Looking for that very special and unique gift for the holidays? These original natural products are of the best quality and value. Felted Olive Oil soaps are infused with certified organic essential oils of the finest quality. The body butters are simply lovely. The handbags are timeless fashion at its best. They will last a lifetime and never go out of style. You can look at the items @galesfeltedsoap.com, FB: Gales Goodies and Etsy.com/people.galesgoodies See the beauty at one of these sites... you will be delighted! As always enjoy life...

Olive Oil for your skin

With winter soon upon us, dry skin will be with us again. It doesn't have to make us worry! I like Olive Oil for those dry areas, such as elbows, backs of the hands, knees, and heels. Just use a dab, as a little goes far. (Just be careful with delicate clothing, such as silk) In no time at all your skin will be soft and smooth. At www.sharecare.com, check out Dr. Oz. Click on " Is Olive Oil good for my skin" he answers this question well. This is a great site with many good ideas, and simple too. Easy to navigate. Live simple! ( A good comment from my Aunt Helene, she said many oils need to be in glass containers as they can have chemicals leach into the oil from a plastic bottle. Olive Oil is a pure product, so lets protect it. Thanks Helene for the info!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Testing Group has released their top twelve worst fruits and vegetables for pesticide contamination for 2010. They are as follows: 1. Celery 2.Peaches 3.Strawberries 4.Apples 5.Blueberries (domestic) 6. Nectarines 7. Bell Peppers 8.Spinach 9. Kale and Collard Greens 10. Cherries 11. Potatoes 12. Grapes (imported) They have too much pesticide residue. Harmful, well maybe, only time will tell with these statistics. I prefer to purchase organic products when and where they are available. The cost is also an issue these days too. But, sometimes the organic fruits and veggies are about the same price. Found this out recently at Trader Joes. Just have to be a savvy shopper every time you enter the grocery store. Toxic chemicals are not on my list! I'm hoping that taking a stand on eating organic foods, will lead to safer and pesticide free products on the store shelves. We have a choice and a voice when it comes to the food we consume everyday. Eat organic and eat better. Simple life rules...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hydration for Health

We all need to stay hydrated every minute of the day. Drinking water is the best way to do this. Staying hydrated leads to a healthier you. Water heals our bodies, gives us energy and revitalizes our life. In the winter, it really helps our immune system. It is essential to fight illness. Dehydration itself can lead to moderate and severe health problems. So try to drink several glasses of pure, clean, chemical free water everyday. You will feel better, even maintain a healthier weight. Water contains not a single calorie, no cholesterol either. What a bonus! Makes your skin glow radiantly also. As we get older we have to remember to drink water to help prevent those pesky kidney stones, ease constipation, help our alertness, mental clairity, digestion and circulation. Just be sure that the water you consume is pure, fresh and without excess chemicals, filtered water, bottled water, or my favorite "Well pumped water". Keep drinking water to have a good life... Enjoy your day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Organic Food and Eating

Research now tells us that pesticide exposure from our food during critical developmental periods leads to such disorders as asthma, allergies, autism, ADD, cancer and obesity. Organic fruits and vegetables are about 25% higher in essential nutrients than their chemically produced counterparts. And some believe they even taste better.( I believe that!) Who wants to eat pesticide residue! Organic production of food can help us enjoy better health, better natural ecosystems, more sustainable agricultural environments. A good, healthy soil is the key ingredient to an organic farming system. Eating a diet high in organic vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of pesticide exposure, especially in children. When I make my grocery purchases I always look or ask for organic products. Sometimes they are available, sometimes not. I try! and try I will to eat a product free from those nasty pesticides. I long for a more nutritious and healthier diet for myself and my family. Like I always say,"take care of mother earth and she will take care of us." Eating better is a priority these days, eat organic and enjoy good health... Live simple!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Water, Water, Water.

Water, Water, Water. We need it, we like it, and now we have to pay a tax on it, if we purchase it in plastic bottles here in the state of Washington. Don't know exactly how this happened, but it did. Water being a basic necessity of life, sure seems strange that this is what they ( the folks in Oly land) have chosen to add the extra tax on. Making sure that everyone has to pay their fair share. Okay, I get it, I do understand why they did it, but come on...Where we live our tap water is treated with several chemicals to make it safe. It tastes awful! Pure yes, tastes really bad. So we transport water from a chemical free water well in the country. A clear choice for us, but not for all. Some choose to purchase spring water in plastic containers. Maybe wasteful, maybe not. But to add more tax is just plain and simply unfair. So when I vote on this issue, I will make a careful and informed decision that is right for my family. And I urge you to do the same. Water, Water,Water. Live simple always!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rosehill Community Center

Our dear old Rosie is being laid to rest on October 16th, 2010 at 2:00pm. She has been a fixture in the community since 1928. Used for a school, library, office space, thrift store, day care, city of Mukilteo offices, ballet schools, basketball court, tennis courts, baseball fields, Christmas tree lightings, theater groups, summer festivals, even a polling place. Yes, she has seen so many faces of persons, young and old. She stood through earthquakes, wind storms and shelter from the heat and cold all of the years. She is a winner! A story of how a building should live its life. Oh, if she could only speak! The stories that would be told! My mother and aunt both attended school there, walked those halls and learned in her classrooms. She taught them the value of life, community and service to others. A firm foundation for life started in the building we fondly remember as "Rosehill" a true gem in a growing community. She will be held in hearts with a smile. Dignified and Graceful in appearance for all that knew and cherished the time and memory of her special wisdom. Yes, Rosie will move into another new building, but she will never be quite the same. So here is to you, thank you for all your years of service! May your new life be good also....

Thursday, September 30, 2010

27th street Consignment Boutique

Just an update on the wonderful boutique in University Place, it is full of all kinds of new items for fall. Home decor includes, a large lithograph by Margaret Keane, floral paintings, handmade glass, art cards, many one of a kind decorator items. Also a great selection of designer handbags, in all the fashion colors. Evening gowns, perfect for an evening out on the town, or a school prom. Also, a line of business suits for the on the move business professional. And lovely in style wedding gowns. Something special is waiting for you! Visit this unique boutique @ 27th street, near Bridgeport, in University Place, Washington. (253) 355-1804

Friday, September 24, 2010

Grandma Emma's Days

Today I will tell more of Grandma Emma's special story. It has been seven years since her passing. Can't quite believe that, but the years have gone. I am Emma's oldest grandchild, the first of many. Twelve of us , and many more great grandchildren. She gave a piece of her life to all of us. Even one who is named after her. Grandma was a remarkable woman. A woman of history. She lived in a time when life was sometimes hard and cruel. Yet, she lived till ninety eight years of age. Her journey began in Norway, born into a family of six children. Leaving there as a young adult and immigrating to the United States. It was not an easy decision, but she and our grandfather, made a life in the new world, just as so many did before them. Learning a new language and living in a new unfamiliar place was challenging. But she made the best of life wherever she was. She cooked, cleaned, grew a garden, sewed, tended her children and even milked cows on the farm in Mukilteo. She was a survivor. Her attitude is what saved her so many times. She was my Grandmother and also my mentor. When I had a problem large or small, she usually had the answer. I'm glad that I spent time with her over the years, she made a difference in my life. I miss her and will never forget the sound of her voice and her saying " Uff Da"(smile) She was a teacher, but did not know it.... She always enjoyed the simple things that life had to offer... a beautiful sunset on her last day.....Sandra

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wright Park and Arboretum

Tacoma's Wright Park is located on twenty seven acres in downtown Tacoma Washington. The park contains over seven hundred trees, both of exotic and native northwest varieties. On site is the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory. Built in 1907 from three thousand five hundred panes of glass. It is home for five hundred and fifty plants in the permanent exhibit. In the spring of 2009 we visited a special event at the conservatory. Northwest glass artist Dale Chihully presented a mix of his work in a delightful blend of spring blossoms. Perhaps one of my favorite all time art presentations! The color of the flowers and the mixed media of glass sculptures and design was fabulous. Truly a feast for the eyes and our souls. The Arboretum was designed for just such a display. A beautiful historical landmark for all to enjoy. Easy to find and worth the trip for a visit. As always enjoy the simple way of life!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eat peanut butter to reduce your carbon footprint

Remember that as a child your mother made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches almost everyday? Well as it turns out, she was reducing your carbon footprint. Eating peanut butter is the latest craze in reducing animal product consumption. The production is fast, simple and very renewable. It is also inexpensive, nutritious, very transportable and most of us like a simple sandwich with a glass of milk for lunch or a quick snack. The newest brand is Peta Peanut Butter. Yes, they are joining in the advertising and hoping to turn a profit for a cause. I have not seen it on the local grocery store shelf, but soon I'm sure! I might even try those delicious childhood sandwiches on a cold winters day in Washington! Thanks mom! and live simple!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

5 Foods to help prevent Cancer

Good morning! Yesterday while watching the Dr. Oz program for health he and Dr. Li were presenting Five Foods to help prevent different forms of cancer. 1.Strawberries 2. Artichokes 3.Cooked tomatoes 4.Flounder(fish) 5.Bok Choi, in half cup to one cup servings. Dr. Li has a new clinical trial, hoping to enlist at least one million persons of every background. You can find more information @ doctoroz.com and Dr. Li (search engines) well worth trying. It is easy and simple, and if it works, it will change the way we eat for the better. Cancer is still the number one taker of lives in the this world today. Sad but true, we are what we eat. So lets all change and give ourselves a chance. Good and healthy eating to all of you!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

27th street Consignment Boutique

This is a great Boutique for all kinds of bargains: home decor, designer handbags, shoes, active wear, and fabulous evening gowns... perfect for prom, lovely wedding dresses, coats and artwork. Colorful and an easy access from the street, with plenty of free parking. Find your special treasure @ the 27th Street Consignment Boutique in University Place, Wa. On 27th street west, ph. (253) 355-1804. A very interesting store, something special is just waiting for you!

Money saving tips for another good day

Yes, everyone is looking for the bargain. 1. A website with free advice on common computer problems: fixya.com 2.Try haggling over the price of larger items. Most retail stores will give and extra 10% off. 3. Do minor repair jobs yourself, the internet is full of good ideas. diyornot.com has advice for you. 4. Stick with basic recipes when you cook. Ones with fancy ingredients always cost more. Besides, basic is better. 5. Shop your local farmers markets, good products and almost always good prices. 6. Wait 24 hours before you buy a major purchase, you may find you don't need it, or you can get a better price and value somewhere else. 7. Movie theaters almost always give senior discounts, just ask. As do restaurants, especially for those of us over 55. 8. Consider selling that extra car or truck. You will have quick cash and also save money on insurance, gas and maintenance. More soon on saving money from me. Live Simple!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Money saving tips for a good day

Today I'll give you my top money saving ideas for a tuesday. 1.Save on groceries: check out mygrocerydeals.com, you can compare prices by item or category, another good site is groceryguide.com. Both sites are free, but you must register. 2. Great buys @ second hand stores, consignment shops in your wealthier neighborhoods. Shop early in the week, as many donations come in over the weekend. Check out their sale racks also. 3. Yard sales can be found free @ craigslist.com and yardsaletreasuremap.com. Good back to school buys. 4.Watch your supermarket register. Many stores have a scan guarantee policy, if the price scans wrong , you may get it free. 5. Car idling: turn your engine off if you will be waiting over 1 minute. 6. Recycle: at freecycle.org post what you want to give away or something that you are looking for. No money changes hands and any unwanted items will not end up in the landfill. Also the website tells you how to set up a group for your own area. More tips to follow. As always keep it real and simple.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Selling Apples 40 years ago

Good morning to you! When I got myself up this morning, I thought today is the day for another Grandma Emma story from days gone by. In her yard she had 9 different types of apple trees. Her very favorite was the early Transparent, then the Gravenstein. Most of you will remember eating those delicious apples picked fresh from the tree, or baked into one of her Applegoodies, or perhaps a dish of homemade applesauce. Yes, those were the days of eating! One year in particular, Grandma had so many extra apples on those wonderful producing trees. She decided to try to sell them in the neighborhood. She and perhaps other family, carefully picked and boxed over twenty large boxes of apples. She then put a hand-painted sign up in her yard facing the road. Before the day was over, she had sold most of those boxes. I seem to remember that she made over twenty dollars. I know that doesn't seem like much now, but forty years ago, she could purchase an entire week of groceries for herself. Yes, she was happy! Her frugal lifestyle kept her going her entire life. Proving that living a simple life has many good qualities. I often think of all the little things she saved, cooked from scratch, baked and recycled. A truly unique woman of the time and our time now. I learned so much from her, and draw on that information everyday. Guess that is the way I too now live my life. One of her favorite sayings: Enjoy the simple things in life always! Simple is better! Have a wonderful day to all of you worldwide!

Friday, August 6, 2010

simple days of summer

When we speak of the simple days of summer, we often think of going to the beach, and walk in the park, or a farmers market. However, one of our most delightful days could be spent in our yard. Having an " At home picnic" with the children and friends is the ideal day of relaxing! It saves having to go somewhere else, spending money to eat out, buying extra gasoline, and mostly time. Have everyone bring a small snack, an outdoor game to share, a fun sprinkler, some beach towels and you have an instant mini vacation for yourself and the children. Make your days of summer, relaxing, joyful and stress free by staying home and enjoying your own home! Simply living is best!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Freegans

This week on the Oprah program, I came across something I had not ever heard of. The new lifestyle called "Freegan". It is a movement of concerned people trying to make a difference in how much we waste. From what we purchase to what we eat. Trying to show consumers how they can make a difference by not wasting anything in their surroundings. Very interesting indeed! Most of the ideas made good sense, mainly in the recycling area. But one practice just made me sick! They get most of their food from dumpsters, especially looking daily behind grocery stores. This is not sanitary! Can you imagine! Our homeless population does this daily because they have to. Not because of a social image they are trying to create. The Freegans have many good ideas, but this is clearly not one of them. Although some of the food was okay, much of it was thrown away because it plain and simple was not safe for consumption. Not wasting food is always a good idea, why not instead, approach the grocery stores with other ideas on food waste. But not teaching your children " Dumpster Diving"......... All of us should waste less, the old saying " Waste not, want not" still does apple in our everyday lives. Ask yourself before your next purchase " Do I want it, or do I need it?" You might be surprised what the answer is. Good choices in what we purchase can make a difference on this earth. Like I always say.... Simple Living is a choice.

Monday, July 19, 2010

mukilteo garden

This was a huge surprise! On our grandparents property where the barn was there is now a "garden patch" where volunteers raise produce for the local food bank in Mukilteo. They now have several sponsors, church groups and a host of volunteers tending raised garden patches. The past year they gave over 1100 pounds of mostly vegetables to charity. The mukilteo "Beacon" reports on their status often as do other news agencies. I was amazed to see the photos of their accomplishments and how they have transformed the old"cemetary"into a very nice garden area. You can view the photos at www.mukilteogarden.org, nice website also. One never knows what the past had and what the future will bring...from raising cows and fruit trees, to once again feeding people. Interesting wouldn't you say? Maybe a simpler way of life is better...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Insight and Frugality

Sometimes as we refer to the past we can gain much knowledge for the present and the future. Being frugal years ago was a was to live, to survive the everyday struggle to make ends meet. If a person was lucky enough to save a down payment to purchase a home. That was a huge accomplishment. Sound familiar? Not much has changed. I feel that making the choice to downsize to a smaller home would be a wish choice at this uncharted time in housing history. Do we really need all the space or do we just want a larger home. Choices to consider to have a simpler life style that may give us more options as we get closer to retirement. Just another thought for your day... Always remember, the simple life is more rewarding.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Days of Summer

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days we have had all summer in the Pacific Northwest. The sunshine and blue sky where a show stopper! It wakes us up and makes us remember days gone by with picnics, flying kites at the beach, digging up clams, swimming all day and bad sunburns... Oh, but it was fun! My mother used to pack a lunch and we would head to the beach, just a few blocks away. Was lots of work for her ! We would stay the entire day. Other family and friends would show up too. And the beach adventures would amuse us for hours. When we would return home we were so tired we would be guaranteed a good nights sleep! Just to awaken and start all over again. Yes, our days at the beach of summer are one of my best memories in this life. Hopefully children and adults everywhere will be creating there own special memories today! Oh, the simple life!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daisy Sour Cream

Here is the tip of the day: Daisy Sour Cream is only made with one ingredient, grade A cultured cream. Can you imagine in this day, a pure and simple product? I use it everyday, it is sweet, creamy and delicious. I try to buy products with five ingredients or less. That is very difficult. So now I'm on my qwest for more items like this one, wish they would list these at the grocery stores. Maybe someday they will! Live simple!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple Dessert

As summer is upon us now, it brings so many different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. A good and nutritious dessert is a valued part of any meal. One of my favorites is: Caribbean papaya, cut into chunks, with a scoop of vanilla yogurt, and fresh raspberries places in a lovely crystal serving dish, and maybe topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Nutritious, elegant and so delicious! A great way to end a summer meal in the sun! Happy first day of summer! Keep it simple always!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Learn

In this life we have the capacity to learn something new everyday. Reading, writing, working, playing or any activity all have the ability to teach us something about the world around us. Learning has to be lifelong if we will continue to move forward in all aspects of our life. Each one of us has a special gift or talent to teach another person. Sometimes we do not know what it is or when it will show up, but it will be brought forward. So as you think about what you are learning today, pay attention and you will find it. Live to Learn everyday.... it will make your life more fulfilled.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Over 55 Shoppers

Okay, lets get started... over 55 is an honor and a great privilege to be shopping at many stores that offer a 10% discount or more to their senior customers. Does not matter if the product is offered at full price or on sale. The discount still stands. On tuesdays, Ross department store continues to lead in discount shopping for everyone. They offer competitive prices and merchandise from leading manufacturers. Sometimes checking out can get to be some of a wait. They have a limited amount of clerks and they are a very busy store. But usually the wait is worth it, the 10% discount adds up quickly, and no card is required. So to all of you over 55, happy shopping! Remember simple living is best....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Growing Vegetables in Life

Since this is the growing season, we should rejoice with a vegetable or some fruit from our garden, no matter how large of small that garden may be. Home grown equals good and healthy plain and simple. And the flavor usually is better than any store bought! If you like Zucchini, try planting it now... the yield is usually many pounds of fresh and high in B vitamins produce... Good for our bodies and our souls... Zucchini bread is good anytime of the year. My aunt Helene makes a good and healthy Z. bread, put some butter or sour cream on top and it is delicious. I'm sure she would send the recipe! Simple living always! Happy gardening to all!

Life is the Journey

I always live by one main thought: Life is the journey along the way... not after we get to a certain age or place in our lives. Our family, our homes, our spiritual journey all make us the person we hope and want to be in this world. Being kind to another person, family, friend or stranger makes us who we are. So many people choose to look the other way instead of " doing the right thing", but if we all did that, the world would not be a very good place. Next time you look away, do something, make that call, help that friend or neighbor, even just a small bit of help and change the life of one person or of many. A kind gesture is most often never forgotten........... To live the simple life is to be cherished.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Future Doctors

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet,and in the cause and prevention of disease." by Thomas Edison.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grandma's kitchen drawer

All through the years Grandma Emma had a special place in her kitchen where she kept all those needed little treasures. We called it her junk drawer, it wasn't junk, just didn't have a better name for it. It was a small drawer on the right side of the kitchen sink. On any given day you would find some basic items that were used often. Always a pair of scissors, usually a pair that she brought with her from Norway and took such very good care of. A needle, thread, string, thumbtacks, rubber bands, paper clips, some assorted yarn from knitting projects, tape, crochet hook, small bits of other recycled items that had been saved in case someone needed them. It was organized and never removed from the drawer and used without properly returning it to its home. Grandma Emma was really good at recycling so many items. Even though we didn't have that word yet. She was saving and careful, she had a saying that she lived by " Waste not, want not" and it still works till this day. I think of those words often, especially when I'm at the grocery store. Do we need it or just want it... will we use it or waste it. A careful way of life is in so many ways is a simpler way of life... Truly simple living through the years that I practice now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Megs and Mo Upscale Resale

This store is amazing! They have a great staff to help you with your purchases and knowledge of style and design. It is upscale resale boutique with flair and uniqueness! I always enjoy looking for many specialty designer items at wonderful prices. A new addition is "Magnability" necklaces, a very clever and cool item for summer. A great selection of Juicy, Franco Sarto, Cole Haan, Hollister, True Religion and some lovely Coach handbags just to name a few. Plus mix and match items with lots of color and fun in mind! They are there to help with the shopping experience with some great style. Right next door to Starbucks on Proctor street in a historic district of north Tacoma. Stop by and have a coffee too. Great way to spend an afternoon! Simple living with style! Enjoy....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Deep fried Snickers Bar

Okay, I know this is supposed to be on Simple Living, but I couldn't resist the temptation. I had viewed the process of frying all different types of food on the food network. Never actually seen them for sale anywhere. Well, today, you guessed it I finally tasted the delectable treat of a fried Snickers bar topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Truly sensational! different yes, but very good and interesting at the same time. Probably at least a thousand calories! My daughter and I split one serving at a local restaurant. It was enough for two! They also served batter dipped Twinkies and Oreos.... But it was the Snickers that were for us! When you can be sure and try this fancy dessert at your favorite trendy restaurant or hometown eatery. Remember life is the journey along the way, and eating good, delicious food and desserts is the best part of the journey! Always live simple!

17th of May

17th of May 2010... Yes, all of us reading this remember this day because of Grandma Emma, Tante Agnes and Halvard. They were very proud to be Norwegians! The lived in a time in history that it wasn't trendy or popular to be from somewhere else. The spoke english with a charming accent, they worked hard, studied life from all angles and lived the dream. Their life was the journey. The accepted what they had, never complained much and did their best to be good citizens and stewards of the land. If you remember, they were good people with good hearts that wanted the best for us. Please remember all who went before us today. No mater where they lived, they were always Norwegians. Always Live simple!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Garden Wonderful

This time of year we have the feeling in our souls to get outdoors and work in our gardens. After the long dark days of winter we have cabin fever. Plain and simple! Today is a day to organize, till the soil, water, then plant. Even a small piece of ground or some planters on a deck will do. Good clean soil is the main ingredient and some healthy seeds. The rewards in sixty days or so... fabulous! Children especially love to be stewards of the earth and this is a good way to get started. I did a planting project with my two and four year old nephews last weekend. We really enjoyed planting some small flowers, they added colorful rocks and fir cones... I was surprised to see how much they liked this. They stayed with the project for twenty minutes. And now it sits at Grandma's and Grandpa's house for the tending and enjoying. They will water the flowers and enjoy watching them grow. They have the best smiles! More projects like that for Aunty and the boys. It is one way I can share the gift of nature with them and some of my knowledge of the beauty of plants. Simple living ....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day 2010

Hello Mom's! All of you worldwide deserve the best day ever! Your hard work is going to be rewarded today... Smile and be happy each and everyday of your life, you keep this world held together! Enjoy the day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

On sunday May 9th we will celebrate Mother's Day. A day long standing as the most important holiday of the year worldwide. In the United States it is the second sunday in May. It became an official holiday by resolution of President Woodrow Wilson on May 8th, 1914. It had been celebrated for many years before and sometimes referred to as " Mothering day." To honor all mothers for their dedication and overall hard work with their families. At first they wore white carnations on their lapels to commemorate the day. Now both red or white flowers are used. It is also the busiest day for eating out, calling on the telephone, and internet communication. Remarkable! We hold our mother's to the highest honors. Joy, gratitude, and love all day and all year. For without our mothers, where would we be? They gave us life and add to that life everyday. As sons and daughters we express our appreciation! Being a mother is the most rewarding, interesting, challenging and honorable profession in the world. I truly believe that the Lord put us here just to be Mothers! So to all of you enjoy this special day, you deserve it for all that you do ... love, peace and joy today!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grandma's Original Applegoodies

Grandma Emma made a wonderful special dessert when we were growing up. It is called "Applegoodie". It is plain and simple but so very tasty. Sometimes served warm of chilled, doesn't matter. Good and sweet! She acquired the recipe while living in Northwood Iowa. In the 1930's natural gas oven and stoves were starting to arrive in the marketplace. And as with anything new, a person had to learn to use the new product. A company called Pacific Gas and Electric offered cooking classes in the neighborhoods to increase sales, etc. Grandma attended. The class was held at a school one summer. The children played outdoors while their mothers attended cooking classes. PGE also gave out recipes , and Grandma's applegoodies were discovered! One of her favorites and mine also... Applegoodie recipe: Cut enough apples ( She always used Transparent or Gravenstein) into wedges after being peeled and washed to fill up the pan to the top, sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and sugar, than set aside. In another bowl mix ingredients for topping. One cup brown sugar, one cup flour, one cup quickcooking oatmeal and one half cup butter. (that gives a golden color) Mix all together and pat into patties and lay on top of the apples to form a crust. Then put in a 350 oven ( might have to adjust the heat according to your own oven) and bake approximately 35 minutes till the apples are soft and the crust is golden brown. Remove from oven and cool or serve warm with whipped cream, ice cream or plain... Always delicious and welcomed by all that shared this special dessert with her... good dessert and good memories! Simple living at its best! Enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grandma's Story

I wanted to let all of you know how much your stories and comments meant to me. Thank you! As we all travel this journey of life there will be special people who direct us and influence our way of thinking. Grandma Emma did just that, as did everyone else that has gone before us. Each in their own way. Strength, wisdom, kindness, love, and of course chocolate chip cookies and wine. These common threads are what bind us together as families and friends for our own special journey. So as today emerges, let us remember the past, but also look forward to the future knowing that something we do today in our journey will be remembered or perhaps make a positive difference in someones life. Whatever you do on this monday.... Enjoy the time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Living Frugal...continued

Just was reminded by grandson Jim.... Grandmas favorites: Cookies, Jam and Wine. She made all of those with her special talent. We all enjoyed them, especially the chocolate chip cookies. She also made a date and honey cookie that was so delicious. She didn't start making wine till she was I believe in her seventies. Grape, raspberry, blackberry and even some rhubarb were her special blends. She enjoyed this hobby! We could always fine many small glass jars filled with jam and jelly in her pantry area. She made it every year. Very yummy on toast. She was very creative with her canning also. Apples, pears, cherries, and frozen berries too. She indeed was a homemaker. All of us learned...

Living Frugal

Yes, it is time for me to write this. I've been thinking of different people who influenced my life for many reasons. One special person is my Grandma Emma. I always referred to her as grandma. She was a person with many special talents and gifts. I learned so many lessons in life from her. How to trim fruit trees, freeze produce, recycle just about everything but mostly how to be frugal. She had grown up in a time without having the convenience of shopping at every store. The stores didn't exist. Doctors and dentists were far between. Even when the pandemic flu of 1918 arrived, she made it with little more than hot strong coffee with some liquor in it. As did her brother Halvard and sister Agnes. They grew up in a time where recycling wasn't fashionable, it was a necessity. She carried these ideas with her when she left Norway for the USA. A big challenge to arrive in a new country and not able to speak the language, she learned. She was brave and met the challenges of the new world. She could do almost anything she had to. She cooked, raised a lovely garden, sewed, took care of the cows and chickens, helped neighbors, but never did drive a car. Can't quite figure that out, but she worked around that. She was a quiet and kind person one could always depend on. She loved all of us reading this today. I miss her and the old fashioned way she lived her life. I would love to hear her voice again, saying Uff da....... She made my life better. I have a good life because she cared.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Healthy Soil on Earth Day

As Earth Day  approaches we all need to think about how we can be better stewards of the land. Some say it doesn't matter, but as we look thru history books, it does. My favorite idea for 2010 is to make our soil of this earth better. Giving new plants a better environment to grow in and on is simple and easy. Enough water, mulch, compost, lessening the evaporation and erosion and essential nutrients will provide a hospitable soil to grow anything and everything. As time goes by we will need more places to provide adequate food growth. So take this thought with you: Why not grow some of your own fruits and vegetables this year? It doesn't take long to plant, grow and harvest a crop. To eat fresh, frozen or canned produce from an organic source is very rewarding for our overall well being. Simple living is a mix of art and science! Make 2010 a year to do something good for yourself and mother earth. She needs us as much as we need her! Happy Earth Day to all...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Organic Cotton Clothing

Organic cotton apparel is good for the environment and good for our well being also. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or harsh fertilizers in many places in the world. It is being used more and more and with more being produced and sold the price is getting better all the time. Affordable, durable, stays soft wash after wash. We have choices to make when we spend our shopping dollars, for me I like the organics in clothing and food . This weekend I noticed that Walmart has a bargain with their brand of organic T-shirts for the entire family, only $5.00 per shirt. A good value these days, simple living at its best!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is a day that I wait for all year. The blue sky, sunshine, warmth, the green leaves coming forth with all of their splendor. The daffodils stretching towards the light. The neighbors outdoors enjoying this blessing we refer to as Spring. My ever favorite time of year! I wouldn't trade being anywhere else on this special day or season. I can become a true believer of life on this day! Simple living at its best! Enjoy!

Word for Today:

Word for today:pollen

Friday, April 9, 2010

Word for Today:

Word for today: Gardening...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Word for Today:

Word for today: Happy...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Government $75.00 Rebate

Well, another day is here. I awoke to a bunch of brown water oozing from my worn out refrigerator. Decided that was enough to motivate me to purchase a new one. So we have been looking for a replacement today. Found so much to chose from! Now is the time to buy! 10 percent discount at Loews and a government $75.00 rebate, free delivery also. It will be delivered tomorrow morning (hopefully) and all will work again. It is so difficult to keep everything in this older home up and in good working order! But we need to keep our food cold and safe. So wish me luck! Today it is not "Simple Living" as usual... Enjoy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Word for Today...

Word for today: Wisdom...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Word for Today...

Word for today: Tomatoes...

Growing Tomatoes

Ever think that you could grow your own delicious tomatoes? Well you can! Your health can benefit and your pocketbook also! It is easy and not too time consuming. All you need is a clean container, good clean soil and organic seeds or seedlings if you prefer. A porch or deck can produce enough sunshine for many pounds of wonderful organic tomatoes. Why not give it a try? Save some money, give your health something great and enjoy having fresh produce from your own yard everyday! Simple living at its best!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Word for Today...

Word for today: Reflect...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Strange Weather Patterns

Can anyone believe this ultra strange weather we've had today? Wind, rain, hail, sun and extremely cool temperatures. Not the makings of a pleasant day! We have barely been able to be outdoors to do anything! Yes, my word for the day was "Spring" hopefully it is just the turning point from winter to "Spring"! My favorite time of year was like a huge mess today! Oh well, better luck on friday viewing those lovely flowers. Planted one hundred sixty daffodils last fall and most of them bloomed in all their splendor, but today the rain pounded them ! So I'm looking forward to summer everyday! Enjoy your friday!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scents of Hawaii

In all this world I have a favorite peaceful sanctuary. A place that has its own special identity. Sights and sounds of a world forgotten in time. In all its grandeur we know it as Hawaii. Many special scents abound in nature's tropical bounty. Passion fruit, pineapple, papaya, coconut, ginger and my very favorite "jasmine." My Alba moisture cream is a wonderful blend of vitamin E and lovely jasmine. I use it everyday to promote soft and healthy skin, help guard against environmental stress and premature aging of the skin. Taking your skin to the islands on vacation is truly wonderful, but for those days when we are home, why not transform your day with the scents of the islands and take your skin to the tropics over and over again. Try Jasmine and vitamin E moisture rich cream by Alba, truly a delight for the skin. Always stay refreshed! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lovely Day!

Today was one of the best days ever! The warmth of the sun was amazing as it streamed across the windows and gave a sense of beauty to my little home. The brightness made me think of happier days. I do miss the days of summer and all that goes with them...the days at the beach, sporting events, potato salad, watermelon, chips and hamburgers. All memories in the making of one's life. To be cherished each and everyday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Megs & Mo Upscale Resale

Hey, please check out Megs and Mo upscale resale. They have lots of great finds, all at a reasonable price. Tons of new spring items. Located in the great Proctor district of Tacoma. Enjoy shopping!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Simple Stress Relievers

Today I had the nicest visit with a friend that I attended the university with. So many years ago, yet time seemed to stand still. We had a lively discussion about everything that life has brought our way. We both agreed that taking more stress away from our daily lives would make our quality of life better and more relaxing. Exercising, walking, yoga, tai chi, eating well and talking with friends is the best remedy. So we shall try to relax and enjoy all that life has to offer. Including great friendships! Thanks for the day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Simple Life

Living a simple life is very rewarding. Minimalistic, some call it. No mess, no clutter, simply the freedom to enjoy nature, family and friends. Simple meals equal less cooking and grocery shopping. Also, not as expensive. Plus an added benefit: better health for all in the family. As the doctors say, lessen the stress to live a longer and happier life! What a great reward! So today I shall try to live stress free. Don't know if I can do this everyday, but I will try my best! Always enjoy your day! (Especially when the sun shines bright).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simple Walking

One of the easiest ways to stay fit? Walking! It is easy, fun and can make us feel great! Try to be outside and enjoy nature with a brisk walk for your health. It will help us stay young...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick Dessert

Love this blog:

Quick Dessert includes great classic and contemporary dessert ideas for any day of the week. Please check it out for complete recipes. Happy eating!

El Natural on Proctor

We have found a great natural product shop! El Natural is a premium organic store offering natural hair, body and beauty products for the family. Soaps by the slice from Primal Elements, Barstow and Barstow, beeswax and soy candles, affordable essential oils, many organic shampoos and conditioners, new organic sunblocks in time for the days of summer in Washington. They are located on 1206 South Proctor in Tacoma. Gift certificates available. Happy shopping!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Over 55 Discounts

For all of you active seniors over 55 years young: Tuesdays at Rite Aid receive 10% off, and the first Tuesday of the month, 20% regular prices, with your free Living Well card. (Ask for it in the pharmacy).  Ross department stores: 10% off every Tuesday. Oroweat bread stores: 10% off everyday! Plus good prices! Better values equal simpler living and less stress. Enjoy the discounts!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning 2010

As spring quickly advances with warm sunny days I find myself doing some basic spring cleaning. The clutter of winter in the home is overwhelming this time of year. I always want to open up the house to fresh air! First I must remove all those things I left sitting around in every room. I've found that donating those items is the best strategy or bagging them up for a summer yard sale. Doing this frees my mind so I can enjoy those beautiful warm days of spring! Now I can relax, and in the calming sanctuary of my home. 

For some simple storage solutions, check out www.ikea-usa.com. They have a wide range of chic and cost effective storage solutions. Creating a new home for springtime! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Eating Well + Exercising Well = Living Well

Today the secret to living a long and healthy life is eating good foods and exercising while keeping our minds busy. Sometimes a walk in the neighborhood with family and friends does more for us than we know. In this high tech world, we need more time to get outdoors and move! One of my favorite destinations is the Grandview Trail overlooking the fabulous Chambers Bay Golf Course. So for today, my plan is to exercise more and worry less, unclutter my mind and my home! More on that later. Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Megs & Mo Upscale Resale

My daughter and I recently discovered a great new boutique in Tacoma's historic Proctor district: Megs & Mo Upscale Resale. They have an eclectic mix of new, vintage and designer clothes and accessories.  Look for True Religion jeans, Coach handbags, Cole Haan shoes and handmade jewelry by local artists. Owner Lisa has made the shopping experience on Proctor much more fun and fabulous! Visit http://www.megsandmo.com/ for more information. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simple Living Bargains

On my local grocery shopping trip to Trader Joes I found an interesting new product...whole wheat lavash flat bread. Very good taste for wraps or baking in the oven with butter and garlic. Delicious and very inexpensive for a family meal or party. Also, sweet organic kiwi fruit from California, very good quality. And quite possibly the best fresh grapefruit I've ever tasted, so sweet. Yes, I do have a sweet tooth! Had a taste for lunch! Be sure to venture next door and check out all the clearance bargains at Big Lots in their clearance aisle...lots of great items for the kids...have a good shopping day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life...

Everyday we think about all that is going on in the world today...we are blasted with strong statements from every form of news media there is. Less would be more in this case. However, we can choose to enjoy the simple ways of life...if we let ourselves. A great breakfast, a quick walk at noon, and sitting in the warm sunshine in the afternoon. Yet, we tell ourselves we have to hurry around to get everything done? Maybe some of it matters, the rest doesn't. Most of us never figure this out until it is too late...the old saying "stop and smell the roses" has more truth to it than we know. Relax and enjoy the everyday beauty!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to my blog... a first effort for me at 55 years young. I will be updating this often so check back for tips, bargains, health news, and simple living.