Friday, July 29, 2011

GRUMP solitaire free online card game

Be sure to check out a favorite online free solitaire card game: available @ you can even post your score and have a great game! Play GRUMP! everyday!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mold, the constant problem in homes

Mold: yes, plain old fashioned Mold... Yuk... but it does exist and probably always will. Properly tending to this ugly problem as soon as it appears give it little chance to cause problems. It is best to not wait, but attend to it immediately. Since the sooner you attack mold, the less problems it will cause later. Controlling it can be accomplished. Keep all indoor humidity low, wipe up standing water immediately, fix all plumbing and other water problems soon. Ensure that kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are working properly. Dispose of moldy linens, flooring, carpet right away. Clean gutters to avoid seeping. With these strategies and good home cleaning Mold can be avoided. Do not just ignore it and live with it. It can cause many health problems... especially in the very young and elderly. Beware of Mold........ sometimes we just have to be proactive! more info can be found @environmental protection agency a great government resource for things of this nature. Get rid of Mold, everyday and you will live healthier. Your family will thank you!