Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Amazing Avacado...

The Amazing Avacado is one of my favorite foods on the planet! Not only is it packed full of nutrients for our tummys, but it works well on the skin too! The natural occurring oils can give our skin just the balance it needs on these cold, dry days of winter. Try mixing it with a little olive oil in a small bowl, making it into a paste, using it directly on the skin, rinse with cool water. And you have very soft skin! I actually think that I should eat Avacados everyday for better health. In my family we mix one avacado with one cucumber, about one half teaspoon of garlic rice vinegar and eat it as a salad. It goes nicely with any meat or cheese dish. It is also loaded with fiber... about 12 grams for one medium sized avacado. Just make sure that they are medium firm and not bruised when you purchase them. A delicious and very healthy food, simple and good!

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Have you ever been lonely"

Kari Scott sings: Harvey Thomas plays guitar on 'Have you ever been Lonely" as featured in a new movie "Quiet Shoes" very interesting part of music history:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

Many years ago my daughter, my Grandmother Emma and myself celebrated Thanksgiving day in the peaceful, quiet, little city by the sea. It is called Mukilteo... it is very quaint on any given day, but even more so around the winter holidays. Our usual Turkey day started out very well. Watching the Macy's Day Parade, setting the table and getting the dinner ready. First, had to put the turkey breast in the oven, then potatoes peeled, both regular and yams, cooking some special cranberry sauce that Grandma loved. Thawing out a pie, probably Mrs. Smiths, as I'm not a great pie baker! also snacks till it was prepared and ready. I had thought of everything, making it as nice as I possibly could. The aroma of the holiday filled the air... we could hardly wait...and then... disaster struck! Something was coming from the oven, a very strange scent, I checked, it was almost done so I took it out quickly on Grandma's advice... something was wrong, very wrong. I turned over the turkey breast a discovered I had cooked this lovely turkey with the plastic gravy packed tucked neatly inside, it had broken open and I had a mess, not the wonderful dinner I had so carefully planned. Oh no, I began to cry. I had ruined what was to be a lovely holiday dinner. I placed the turkey on the back porch, and wondered what to do. Just then a very good friend in Mukilteo called to wish us a "Happy T-day" and I told her what had just happened. Well, in about ten minutes she arrived at our door with a tray of turkey and all the trimmings. She had saved our dinner! Grandma and my small daughter were so happy, for now their dinner was right and complete. Perfect with turkey and all. Till this day this woman still lives in Mukilteo, she is indeed a special person with the kindest heart we know! I'm sure she is cooking and sharing her wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year, just as she has always done. She deserves a medal! So this story is to salute her and all she does for everyone. She makes this world a better place for all that know her! Thank you our dear friend.... Nancy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Ten Koala Facts

Every year a good friend in Australia sends us the best info on the Koalas. From pictures, brochures, maps, zoo info and more. We save them and reread those articles just for fun. My daughter one year did a theme portfolio on them. We still have that also. We like to save everything! The Koala is a very interesting animal. Often misunderstood because it is rather shy. The top 10 Koala facts are as follows:

1.) They are not really bears, they are marsupials. They carry their young in a small pouch.
2.) They have 2 thumbs on their front paws.
3.) Mostly nocturnal animals. Sleeping during the day and feed at night.
4.) The babies are known as Joeys.
5.) When the babies are born, they are only 2cm long and have no fur.
6.) They ride in their mom's pouch and drink milk from her.
7.) They live in Eucalyptus trees and feed on them also.
8.) Adult Koala's eat about 1 kg of leaves per night.
9.) Protected by law, but their habitat is not.
10.) Only about 100,000 koalas remain in the wild in Australia. Most of their habitat has been destroyed.

To find out more about the Australian Koala you can check out Truly an interesting animal to read, learn and study about. Thanks to Roslyn for always sending those great articles, much appreciated!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Word for Today

One of my favorite thoughts: Word for Today, " Reflect" at this time of the year I always think about many of the thoughts, hopes, dreams and wishes... A time to Reflect.... a time to cherish ones memories.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Gratitude

In the years past I can honestly say that I have always enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving, complete with all of the trimmings. Simple and plain. But always spectacular and so delicious. So many things to think about on this special celebration of a bountiful harvest. A turkey, candied yams, dressing, biscuits, cranberries, gravy, all topped off with a piece of pumpkin pie with a large dollop of freshly whipped cream. Ah, one of the best days of the year! Always held on the fourth thursday in the month of November. A day for a parade, football game and the start of the holiday season, but most importantly a day to think of peace, charity, being grateful for those in our families and friends. And the less fortunate....... A day to be humble, a day to share, making sure that everyone has enough to eat, and a warm place to sleep. It isn't always possible, but we can make a difference. To me I'm grateful each and everyday. Gratitude stays with us and is so very important all through our lives. A good quality, simple, but ever so good.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bacon Soda?

Okay, I get trying a new product, I'm not sure about this one! It is Jones Soda, "Bacon" flavored soda. Just sounds a little different, maybe the flavor is refreshing, maybe not. I haven't tasted it. Not sure if I will, but you have to give the staff at Jones a big smile for trying something new and bold. They are about good products and having some fun on the journey we call life. Every year around the holidays they come up with these new sodas. Another interesting bottle of charm, is Tofurkey. Guess we just have to pour them up and taste... another stunning life experience! When you taste them, please let me know!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cranberry Orange Raspberry Sauce

Seems like cranberries and raspberries are a perfect blend of sweet and sour. When you blend the two together you will have the best sauce ever. I like to cook this sauce on a medium heat for about 10 minutes in a saucepan. Combine one - one pound bag of cranberries, one cup of orange juice, half of an apple of your choice, about one cup of sugar, and two cups of raspberries. You can use a small amount of honey also, or try it with no sweetener if you like a very tart sauce. You can use this very tasty sauce on yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, or with any turkey day dinner, it is very delicious anytime. Keep it refrigerated and it will last a few days. Seems like it is a special little treat with any meal...not just for the holidays. Like I always say, keep it simple!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keep Kids Healthy is a website with great information for the entire family. I recently was reading an article on " The worst and best fast foods for kids" very interesting to see how many calories are actually consumed by our children when we stop by for a quick and tasty meal out of the car. I enjoy a good hamburger or chicken sandwich,we grew up on this food. We do not need all the salt and extra calories in our daily diet. With obesity on the rise, we all should read about and take a second look at the diets of our children. Maybe help stop some of the insanity with our food and take a more sensible approach to diet and health. A good read for saturday @

Thursday, November 11, 2010

69, are you kidding?

On the early news, I've been hearing something very disturbing. Reports today are saying the new age limit to collect social security benefits might be bumped up to age 69. Can't believe that! As a good a easy way to balance the budget. It is not good for us! We have been working and saving with the idea that 65 and 66 would be the magic numbers... not 69. Most of us will not be able to work till age 69 because of health issues. Balancing the budget on the backs of the elderly is never a good idea, especially now. This is unfair and disturbing news today. I hope that everyone will stand up for their rights at this time in history. Think about this news carefully.

Veteran's Day

Today we honor all those who so gallantly gave their time, energy and their lives for the pursuit of freedom and a better way of life...Thank you! You have helped make America strong!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deep Fried Snickers and Twinkies

I admit I like sweets as well as anyone, but these are over the top with a certain sweetness, that even I say is somewhat too much. Recipes for these both are about the same on every website. Some variations in toppings, etc... You can find the basic recipe it is also their book site. I actually enjoyed a deep fried Snickers Bar several months ago, topped with vanilla ice cream and a very rich chocolate sauce. Even too much sugar for me! But very, very tasty! Didn't finish the dessert, but I wanted to see what everyone was talking about. Quite trendy and not too bad on the price, and worth the amount of fun involved. Not sure the Twinkie Diet is for me, but it makes a good read and lots of great comments on a winter day... A little something to look forward to in life!

Twinkie Diet?

I saw this on the morning talk show of Good Morning America. The Twinkie Diet. Can't believe I actually sat and watched this! But I did... A college professor lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks eating twinkies and other assorted junk food. A little bit amazing, a bit silly and also a bit dangerous. Our health will greatly suffer eating this type of food. No nutrition! only fat and chemicals? To even try this is risky at best. He did say that his diet was not for everyone and it was only a test. A test for what? You can see more about this @ To me, this was interesting, but also a heads up on society, this makes a statement of what we are willing to watch and listen to. I can change the channel, and do on many occasions, this morning I was just too sleepy to know any better! As I'm sure many others were also.... my social commentary of the week!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beauty related to Health

This is a great article from Dr. Oz. He is right on this time. " How is beauty related to health?" We all know this to be true, just have to read it again. You can find it at Somedays we feel better and we also look better! Have a good and beautiful day!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

All Holiday Books for 2010

This is the time of year we are drawn to our comforting thoughts, the interesting and good food from years gone by. Our Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts and friends all contributed to the way we feel about our eating habits. Especially during the holidays of the winter season. There are some fun books to explore a few delicious recipes, I always look to see what contains "Chocolate" d,o you? The World of Cake is a global cake culture book, featuring honey cakes, flat cakes, fritters, chiffons, 150 different cakes to explore... Yummy! Cookies: Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy by Alice Medrich, organized by texture, a cookie for every craving! Cake Doctor, Gluten-Free classic cakes, cookies, bundts and brownies, easy to make desserts. Cookie Swap, 60 recipes, and planning information for the party. Top Secret Restaurant Recipes, culinary carbon copies. Happy reading and eating! Love to have books to check out all the goodies, these are good... and perhaps simple too!

Opal the Movie

After several years in the making " Opal the Movie" is up and appearing on the big screen. Director Dina Ciraulo and crew took their time to produce a quality film. A trailer appears on facebook and on You Tube. Highly interesting and full of mystery. Watch it when you can. I'm hoping that they will be able to show the film in Washington and Oregon. As Opal had strong ties to both. Much of her close family still resides there. We have always heard of Opal and her life...the books, music,plays and now a feature length movie. She is a legend... too bad she didn't get to see this for herself. She was a remarkable woman of the times. She would have loved the internet movement for her writing. Know she is smiling about her movie...more later from me on this.

Friday, November 5, 2010

America's Safest Cities

This list is produced by Forbes magazine. A very reputable company. Are any of your favorite cities on the list this year? I hope so! Every year we wonder if the city we live in will make the list for something... hopefully good or even better! 1. Plano, Texas. 2. Portland, Oregon. 3.Honolulu, Hawaii 4. San Jose, California 5. Omaha, Nebraska 6. New York, New York 7. Santa Ana, California 8. Anaheim, California 9. San Diego, California 10. Glendale, Arizona. These cities try hard to stay safe for their residents. It is a great goal for all cities. Thank You! you can read more on this subject @ A good site for all kinds of interesting topics.

Heart Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well, we all know that Chocolate Chip Cookies are quite possibly the best cookie ever. Dr. Oz seems to think that his are the best. They test and re-test the show's recipes. So I'm passing the information on to you. Check it out @ other good ideas for the holidays with healthy food also. Tasty and healthy, can't beat that! Enjoy the day living simple.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Five Tips for Happiness

Five tips for Happiness: 1. Appreciating what we have. 2.Having a sense of purpose. 3.Spending time with family and friends. 4. Thinking positive, optimistic attitude. 5. Living for today, in the moment. All of our choices, actions and basic thoughts influence our happiness. Most importantly, let your family and friends know that you appreciate who they are and that you're glad they are a part of your life. Be happy, always think happy thoughts and give happiness back to others. It may take a little effort, but the payoff is well worth the effort, spreading happiness makes us feel good about ourselves always! Enjoy...

Hawaiian Papaya

Hawaiian Papaya is truly and amazing fruit... it packs so much delicious food value into a small space.... They are full of fiber, vitamin E and C, beta-carotene, potassium, vitamins A and B, even some calcium. It also ranks in the top 5 healthiest fruits, which include guava, watermelon, grapefruit, and kiwi. My favorite vareities are:kapoho solo, rainbow, sunrise, kamiya and laie gold. All of which are grown in Hawaii. I eat these cut in half, sprinkled with fresh lemon for a tasty treat full of great nutrition. My Aunt Peggy taught me this way to fix the papaya while visiting her in the Islands one year. She was a very good cook! and understood the Hawaiian way of preparing food. For more information check out, www. Enjoy that special taste of the islands!