Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Money saving tips for a good day

Today I'll give you my top money saving ideas for a tuesday. 1.Save on groceries: check out mygrocerydeals.com, you can compare prices by item or category, another good site is groceryguide.com. Both sites are free, but you must register. 2. Great buys @ second hand stores, consignment shops in your wealthier neighborhoods. Shop early in the week, as many donations come in over the weekend. Check out their sale racks also. 3. Yard sales can be found free @ craigslist.com and yardsaletreasuremap.com. Good back to school buys. 4.Watch your supermarket register. Many stores have a scan guarantee policy, if the price scans wrong , you may get it free. 5. Car idling: turn your engine off if you will be waiting over 1 minute. 6. Recycle: at freecycle.org post what you want to give away or something that you are looking for. No money changes hands and any unwanted items will not end up in the landfill. Also the website tells you how to set up a group for your own area. More tips to follow. As always keep it real and simple.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Selling Apples 40 years ago

Good morning to you! When I got myself up this morning, I thought today is the day for another Grandma Emma story from days gone by. In her yard she had 9 different types of apple trees. Her very favorite was the early Transparent, then the Gravenstein. Most of you will remember eating those delicious apples picked fresh from the tree, or baked into one of her Applegoodies, or perhaps a dish of homemade applesauce. Yes, those were the days of eating! One year in particular, Grandma had so many extra apples on those wonderful producing trees. She decided to try to sell them in the neighborhood. She and perhaps other family, carefully picked and boxed over twenty large boxes of apples. She then put a hand-painted sign up in her yard facing the road. Before the day was over, she had sold most of those boxes. I seem to remember that she made over twenty dollars. I know that doesn't seem like much now, but forty years ago, she could purchase an entire week of groceries for herself. Yes, she was happy! Her frugal lifestyle kept her going her entire life. Proving that living a simple life has many good qualities. I often think of all the little things she saved, cooked from scratch, baked and recycled. A truly unique woman of the time and our time now. I learned so much from her, and draw on that information everyday. Guess that is the way I too now live my life. One of her favorite sayings: Enjoy the simple things in life always! Simple is better! Have a wonderful day to all of you worldwide!

Friday, August 6, 2010

simple days of summer

When we speak of the simple days of summer, we often think of going to the beach, and walk in the park, or a farmers market. However, one of our most delightful days could be spent in our yard. Having an " At home picnic" with the children and friends is the ideal day of relaxing! It saves having to go somewhere else, spending money to eat out, buying extra gasoline, and mostly time. Have everyone bring a small snack, an outdoor game to share, a fun sprinkler, some beach towels and you have an instant mini vacation for yourself and the children. Make your days of summer, relaxing, joyful and stress free by staying home and enjoying your own home! Simply living is best!