Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Freegans

This week on the Oprah program, I came across something I had not ever heard of. The new lifestyle called "Freegan". It is a movement of concerned people trying to make a difference in how much we waste. From what we purchase to what we eat. Trying to show consumers how they can make a difference by not wasting anything in their surroundings. Very interesting indeed! Most of the ideas made good sense, mainly in the recycling area. But one practice just made me sick! They get most of their food from dumpsters, especially looking daily behind grocery stores. This is not sanitary! Can you imagine! Our homeless population does this daily because they have to. Not because of a social image they are trying to create. The Freegans have many good ideas, but this is clearly not one of them. Although some of the food was okay, much of it was thrown away because it plain and simple was not safe for consumption. Not wasting food is always a good idea, why not instead, approach the grocery stores with other ideas on food waste. But not teaching your children " Dumpster Diving"......... All of us should waste less, the old saying " Waste not, want not" still does apple in our everyday lives. Ask yourself before your next purchase " Do I want it, or do I need it?" You might be surprised what the answer is. Good choices in what we purchase can make a difference on this earth. Like I always say.... Simple Living is a choice.

Monday, July 19, 2010

mukilteo garden

This was a huge surprise! On our grandparents property where the barn was there is now a "garden patch" where volunteers raise produce for the local food bank in Mukilteo. They now have several sponsors, church groups and a host of volunteers tending raised garden patches. The past year they gave over 1100 pounds of mostly vegetables to charity. The mukilteo "Beacon" reports on their status often as do other news agencies. I was amazed to see the photos of their accomplishments and how they have transformed the old"cemetary"into a very nice garden area. You can view the photos at, nice website also. One never knows what the past had and what the future will bring...from raising cows and fruit trees, to once again feeding people. Interesting wouldn't you say? Maybe a simpler way of life is better...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Insight and Frugality

Sometimes as we refer to the past we can gain much knowledge for the present and the future. Being frugal years ago was a was to live, to survive the everyday struggle to make ends meet. If a person was lucky enough to save a down payment to purchase a home. That was a huge accomplishment. Sound familiar? Not much has changed. I feel that making the choice to downsize to a smaller home would be a wish choice at this uncharted time in housing history. Do we really need all the space or do we just want a larger home. Choices to consider to have a simpler life style that may give us more options as we get closer to retirement. Just another thought for your day... Always remember, the simple life is more rewarding.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Days of Summer

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days we have had all summer in the Pacific Northwest. The sunshine and blue sky where a show stopper! It wakes us up and makes us remember days gone by with picnics, flying kites at the beach, digging up clams, swimming all day and bad sunburns... Oh, but it was fun! My mother used to pack a lunch and we would head to the beach, just a few blocks away. Was lots of work for her ! We would stay the entire day. Other family and friends would show up too. And the beach adventures would amuse us for hours. When we would return home we were so tired we would be guaranteed a good nights sleep! Just to awaken and start all over again. Yes, our days at the beach of summer are one of my best memories in this life. Hopefully children and adults everywhere will be creating there own special memories today! Oh, the simple life!