Thursday, September 30, 2010

27th street Consignment Boutique

Just an update on the wonderful boutique in University Place, it is full of all kinds of new items for fall. Home decor includes, a large lithograph by Margaret Keane, floral paintings, handmade glass, art cards, many one of a kind decorator items. Also a great selection of designer handbags, in all the fashion colors. Evening gowns, perfect for an evening out on the town, or a school prom. Also, a line of business suits for the on the move business professional. And lovely in style wedding gowns. Something special is waiting for you! Visit this unique boutique @ 27th street, near Bridgeport, in University Place, Washington. (253) 355-1804

Friday, September 24, 2010

Grandma Emma's Days

Today I will tell more of Grandma Emma's special story. It has been seven years since her passing. Can't quite believe that, but the years have gone. I am Emma's oldest grandchild, the first of many. Twelve of us , and many more great grandchildren. She gave a piece of her life to all of us. Even one who is named after her. Grandma was a remarkable woman. A woman of history. She lived in a time when life was sometimes hard and cruel. Yet, she lived till ninety eight years of age. Her journey began in Norway, born into a family of six children. Leaving there as a young adult and immigrating to the United States. It was not an easy decision, but she and our grandfather, made a life in the new world, just as so many did before them. Learning a new language and living in a new unfamiliar place was challenging. But she made the best of life wherever she was. She cooked, cleaned, grew a garden, sewed, tended her children and even milked cows on the farm in Mukilteo. She was a survivor. Her attitude is what saved her so many times. She was my Grandmother and also my mentor. When I had a problem large or small, she usually had the answer. I'm glad that I spent time with her over the years, she made a difference in my life. I miss her and will never forget the sound of her voice and her saying " Uff Da"(smile) She was a teacher, but did not know it.... She always enjoyed the simple things that life had to offer... a beautiful sunset on her last day.....Sandra

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wright Park and Arboretum

Tacoma's Wright Park is located on twenty seven acres in downtown Tacoma Washington. The park contains over seven hundred trees, both of exotic and native northwest varieties. On site is the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory. Built in 1907 from three thousand five hundred panes of glass. It is home for five hundred and fifty plants in the permanent exhibit. In the spring of 2009 we visited a special event at the conservatory. Northwest glass artist Dale Chihully presented a mix of his work in a delightful blend of spring blossoms. Perhaps one of my favorite all time art presentations! The color of the flowers and the mixed media of glass sculptures and design was fabulous. Truly a feast for the eyes and our souls. The Arboretum was designed for just such a display. A beautiful historical landmark for all to enjoy. Easy to find and worth the trip for a visit. As always enjoy the simple way of life!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eat peanut butter to reduce your carbon footprint

Remember that as a child your mother made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches almost everyday? Well as it turns out, she was reducing your carbon footprint. Eating peanut butter is the latest craze in reducing animal product consumption. The production is fast, simple and very renewable. It is also inexpensive, nutritious, very transportable and most of us like a simple sandwich with a glass of milk for lunch or a quick snack. The newest brand is Peta Peanut Butter. Yes, they are joining in the advertising and hoping to turn a profit for a cause. I have not seen it on the local grocery store shelf, but soon I'm sure! I might even try those delicious childhood sandwiches on a cold winters day in Washington! Thanks mom! and live simple!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

5 Foods to help prevent Cancer

Good morning! Yesterday while watching the Dr. Oz program for health he and Dr. Li were presenting Five Foods to help prevent different forms of cancer. 1.Strawberries 2. Artichokes 3.Cooked tomatoes 4.Flounder(fish) 5.Bok Choi, in half cup to one cup servings. Dr. Li has a new clinical trial, hoping to enlist at least one million persons of every background. You can find more information @ and Dr. Li (search engines) well worth trying. It is easy and simple, and if it works, it will change the way we eat for the better. Cancer is still the number one taker of lives in the this world today. Sad but true, we are what we eat. So lets all change and give ourselves a chance. Good and healthy eating to all of you!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

27th street Consignment Boutique

This is a great Boutique for all kinds of bargains: home decor, designer handbags, shoes, active wear, and fabulous evening gowns... perfect for prom, lovely wedding dresses, coats and artwork. Colorful and an easy access from the street, with plenty of free parking. Find your special treasure @ the 27th Street Consignment Boutique in University Place, Wa. On 27th street west, ph. (253) 355-1804. A very interesting store, something special is just waiting for you!

Money saving tips for another good day

Yes, everyone is looking for the bargain. 1. A website with free advice on common computer problems: 2.Try haggling over the price of larger items. Most retail stores will give and extra 10% off. 3. Do minor repair jobs yourself, the internet is full of good ideas. has advice for you. 4. Stick with basic recipes when you cook. Ones with fancy ingredients always cost more. Besides, basic is better. 5. Shop your local farmers markets, good products and almost always good prices. 6. Wait 24 hours before you buy a major purchase, you may find you don't need it, or you can get a better price and value somewhere else. 7. Movie theaters almost always give senior discounts, just ask. As do restaurants, especially for those of us over 55. 8. Consider selling that extra car or truck. You will have quick cash and also save money on insurance, gas and maintenance. More soon on saving money from me. Live Simple!